Escape to the garden…

Our BLOOM collection review by Emma @olfactorymagic ✨

To saunter through the overgrown byways, the earth festooned with flowers while the air is thick and fragrant with blossom, made lively by the low hum of visiting bees. I believe there is something truly special about gardens and the countryside, something magical. Perhaps it’s the pastoral escape entwined with olfactory exploration. I think this intrinsic sense of wellbeing we feel surrounded by verdant greenery and fresh blooms recalls a time when beautiful scent was less present in day-to-day lives and had to be sought out. Gardens were a solace, a haven of aroma, peace, and thoughtfulness. I feel we carry this heritage within us, this same enjoyment of a scent oasis.


With their new BLOOM collection, Interlude has brought the wonder of the garden into our homes. Five floral fragrances selected for their unique aroma, olfactory resonance and symbolism. These candles are inspired by the place in which they were created; the beautiful countryside of Kent. They are Freesia, Peony, Jasmine, Sweet Pea and Wild Rose.


I have had the pleasure of sampling each fragrance and I must say, the collection has been cleverly curated by this mother and daughter team. Each candle delivers a unique aspect of the floral fragrance family, allowing BLOOM to really have something for everyone.


And if that wasn’t enough, Interlude has specifically chosen these florals, not just for their stunning scent, but for their underlying meaning, paying homage to a time-honoured tradition of Floriography, which uses flowers to represent expressions of emotion and ideology. The relationship between memory, mood and scent resonates more powerfully than words are sometimes able and this collection speaks to that tradition of gifting with heartfelt intention.


The elegant lightness of Freesia bestows a pensive, meditative state. It opens with citrus, sweet and mellowed with pear before flowery heart notes deepen into a base of musk and amber. If this scent was a walk in the garden, it would be a pondering meander. Apt, as this flower is often given in friendship, to let someone know you are thinking of them.

In contrast to this, Peony offers a smooth floral with a twist. Known as the King of Flowers, the peony is well known for its confident, assuring scent. The fresh top notes awaken the nose, as a calming centre of suede-like hues bring comfort and ease to the delicate spiciness at its base. A welcome flower at weddings, this symbol of prosperity and good luck, brought to mind a fertile country garden, rows of these beauties filling the air, stirring an uplift in mood, a positive reframe.


Jasmine, though a representation of innocence, it is also indicative of sensuality and so this blend translates a similar complexity. These tender white flowers are an intoxicating concoction of juicy plum and peach over a creamy heart of tuberose ylang-ylang and lily. A base of amber, vanilla musk and rich woods add sweetness and texture. To me, this scent recalls those hot and hazy days, heady with blossom.


A favourite of mine, Sweet Pea is a photo-realistic fragrance comprised of realistic green hues and soft powdery florals. There is a wet, fresh quality to it which reminded me of dewy July mornings, already you can feel the heat of the day, but it is, for now, luke-warm and gentle. A flower to represent bliss, it certainly evokes my most-loved time of day during the summer months. When lit Sweet Pea brought me comfort and real joy.


Lastly, the timeless classic, Wild Rose. As plentiful in it’s notes as it is beautiful. This scent has it all. Fresh and rich with fruity top notes, a spicy floral heart, and a warm, sumptuous woodiness beneath. This accord speaks of love-tokens, cut stems and adoration. It is abundant and complicated, just as love should be.


To experience this collection is like stepping outside, pressing petals to your nose, and remembering. A well-rounded and generous collection, BLOOM brings the garden to you.